Equipment for Regina Laska

A Commercial Vessel

The HR46 Regina Laska is our fourth Hallberg-Rassy boat, 48 feet long and is to be used for bluewater sailing and sail training. For this purpose she will be commercially coded and comply with the harmonized regulations MGN280 by the leading classification societies (DNV, ABS, BV, GL etc). These involve rigorous safety rules for the boat and sets the standard for her crew. This leads to the fact that the chosen equipment for Regina Laska will comply to a safety standard not necessarily required for a pleasure boat, which doesn't take paying passengers or trainees. After having studied the regulations and discussed them with our RYA surveyor Steve Moffatt, who will examine Regina Laska when she's ready, I have recognized the rules as being very reasonable. Safety has always played a major role in our mind and therefore I believe that the MGN280 rules  should at least act as a guideline when equipping any boat - be it a commercial or pure pleasure. Why compromise with safety?  

The process of equipping Regina Laska is very different to how we did with our previous HR-boats, which we ordered new from the yard. This time, we will have it all in our own hands! Obviously, it has been very comfortable to have Hallberg-Rassy to do all the planning, project management and installation, taking the full responsibility for the equipment on our previous boats. On the other hand, it is great fun to have full control in choosing suppliers and subcontractors, discussing choice of equipment, planning the installation and preparing the documentation. 

The Team

I am glad to say that we have gathered a very strong team around the project. Many of them have previously been working for Hallberg-Rassy and know the HR's boat inside out. This cluster of Orust-based companies and workmen are very eager to get started and support each other. The interest this project has received, both locally and internationally, is overwhelming!

First out to mention is Carl Adams from Adams Boatcare who will act as the project manager. Carl has long experience from boatbuilding, having built some boats from scratch, worked for Hallberg-Rassy for many years and today is running his own winter storage and refurbishing business. Having lived in South Africa, UK, USA and Iceland, Carl has seen a lot of boats and solutions, is therefore a creative thinker and keeps cost always in his mind. A most beneficial quality is that he knows most boat-building people on Orust and can hand-pick the right men for the right job. Acting as the spider in the cluster of boat-builders, Carl has introduced me to a great group of people, who now team up in order to work on Regina Laska.

Carl Adams is the project manager

The teak work will be done by Ellös Teakservice, the very same company who lays the teak deck on all new Hallberg-Rassy boats. They will take off all fittings and the old teak from Regina Laska and lay new 12mm teak on the deck, coach-roof and hardtop. 

The rigging work will be done by Henrik Jakobsson at Wallhamn Marina.  Henrik has been working at the mast manufacturer Seldén for 20 years and has now started his own business installing and servicing Seldén rigs. Henrik will replace all standing and running rigging of Regina Laska and also install electric inmast furling and electric headsail furling.

All interior varnishing work of the mahogany will be taken care of by Anna Friberg of Orust Lack AB. Anna has been working with varnishing at the Hallberg-Rassy yard for many years and can do wonders when it comes to touching up interior woodwork.

Anna Friberg sanding a vintage Vindö 50

Consultant on electrical installation is Martin Lindgren at SellPower, which represents Whisperpower. Martin has been working for Mastervolt for many years before starting SellPower. I have known Martin for a long time and we have enjoyed many fruitful discussions on power management onboard.

Martin Lindgren onboard Regina Laska

Stellan Relfsson owns Svensk Bygg&Marin and is renown in Ellös. He own a crane and will be responsible for lifting, launching and transporting Regina Laska on her trailer around Ellös. Stellan also provides the warm winterstorage for the project, where Regina Laska will be standing during most of the time during the refurbishing process.

Steve Muffatt is helping us to guide us through the MGN280 rules in order to get the boat commercially coded. Steve works for the technical department of RYA in the UK and will consult us during the refurbishing process so we will comply with all necessary safety rules. In the end, Regina Laska will be surveyed by Steve following the SCV2

Key Suppliers

I am proud to announce the interest of a number of key suppliers as well. Their dedication and support surpasses what one normally could expect from an equipment supplier. They have become partners, being deeply involved in discussions about the best setup for Regina Laska.

Furuno Deutschland will do the electronic engineering work in order to get a reliable, robust and redundant navigation- and communication system onboard. Thank you, Claus Fredriksen and Frank Westphal at Furuno, for a great co-operation and support. 

Furuno under a test sail on Regina

Elvstrøm Sails has been appointed to design high performance sails, which will be a joy to sail with, yet being durable for the many offshore-miles we plan to do under the most varying conditions. The sails will also be specially suitable for the education onboard, learning how to trim the sails to an optimum. Special thanks go to Søren Hansen.

Søren Hansen

Jotron Electronics has been a very established partner while sailing with our HR40 Regina and will continue to deliver safety equipment. The important qualities of Jotron products are that they are very durable, user friendly, established on the market and therefore perfect for education. My thanks go to Arne Berdal at Jotron for many years of co-operation. 

Lighting is a very essential part of comfort and safety and here we have appointed Båtsystem as a key supplier. Their innovative way of building space and coziness by means of LED-lights is deeply impressive and we are looking forward to find out what one can reach with a modern approach to light.

New as a supplier is Echotech Watermakers manufacturing very robust high-performance watermakers with very little electronics. It will be very interesting to compare this with our previous Spectra Watermaker. Our new partner is Michael Bauza in Trinidad.

Last, but not least, I wish to thank Hallberg-Rassy Parts AB, who has supported us for over 10 years. Like most customers, we miss Vickie Vance who ran HR Parts for many years and who is now on a very well deserved own cruise on HR43 Bella Luna. At the same time, it will become a joy to work with Mellie Rassy and Martin Alfredsson in the future.

Part of the great team at Hallberg-Rassy Parts AB, who know exactly which parts fit best on a Hallberg-Rassy and can find spare parts to any HR. What would we HR-sailors do without you!?

The Equipment

The below list will continuously be completed as the refurbishing project is progressing. Links will eventually lead to more information and thoughts about the choice of equipment and the installation. 

The list is divided into the following sections:

Rig and Sails
Safety and Security
Anchor and Mooring
Galley, Head, Water, Comfort


Part of the boat
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Hull By Hallberg-Rassy: HR 46 #99 from 1997
Deck By Ellös Teakservice: Vacuum glued 9mm teak, (new 2013)

By Lewmar, new glass 2013

By Lewmar (new 2013)

By Pettersson: New mattresses, new settees, new upholstery (Tathra 63), new curtains, new carpets
By : all new 2013 in Bronze (instead of standard Brass)

Rig and Sails

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Mast Seldén, cutter, with double spreaders, cutterstay, serial No D21-290-3058.3641
Furling Electric inmast and electric genoa (new 2013)
Boom 1 spinnakerboom stowed along mast
Kick by Seldén: Rodkick with gas spring
Mast trim

Winches by Lewmar, genoa: 64CEST electrical (2), mainsail: Lewmar 46CEST electric (1) (new 2013), on mast: TBA
Main Sail by Elvstrøm: MC2131, 53m2, EMS, HydraNet, 385g, 5 vert full battens, (new 2013)
Genoa by Elvstrøm: GC2111, 59m2, HydraNet, 385g, (new 2013)
Staysail by Elvstrøm: Hanked on w/Wichard, 15m2, HydraNet, 450g, (new 2013)

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Engine Volvo Penta TMD-31 L-A
Funnel by Mr Funnel for safe tanking
Rope Cutter
By Ambassador Marine: Ropestripper
By Centa: Centaflex CM-AM-050, Part No 008M-00050-0100-00239089, Drawing 008-62989-000
Fuel Filters
By Racor: Two 500MAM10 (for Volvo&Westerbeke)
Vacuum gauge
Racor T-Handle Vacuum Restriction Indicator Gauge
Water Alarm
by Racor: RK 30880 Water Probe Kit
Fuel hoses
Fulfilling fire safety ISO 7840.04-A1

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Overall Concept
by Sellpower. See drawing
Batteries by WhisperPower: 24V 580Ah AGM plus 12V 100Ah engine&generator start plus 12V 100Ah communcation/emergency battery, (new 2013)
Insulation Transformer
by WhisperPower:WP-GI, 3.5 kW incl Softstart
(new 2013)
Charging/Inverter 24V
by WhisperPower: WPC-3500-24, (new 2013)
Charger 12V
by WhisperPower: WBC Handy 150, (new 2013)
Instrument for 24V
By WhisperPower: WPC-RCC, (new 2013)
Instrument for 12V
By WhisperPower: WBM battery monitor
Alternator 1
by Iskra, 12V/100A on main engine (new 2013)

Alternator 2
on Westerbeke: 12V on generator (new 2013)

Alternator 3
by WhsiperPower: High Output Alternator (HOA) 24V/110A on main engine, (new 2013)
HOA control
by WhisperPower: WP-ACR 24V 3-step chargers for HOA, (new 2013)
Battery Isolator
by WhisperPower: WBI 150-3 IG, (new 2013)
DC/DC converters
by WhisperPower: Three 15A converters (charging, battery by-pass and for LED lamps), (new 2013)
by Westerbeke: 7.5 kW, 1500 rpm, 34A, 14 hp engine, Model 7.5BTDAManual, Service/Technical, Trouble shooting, Installation (installed 2013, never run before)

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Helm Whitlock, Wheelsteering by rod

Tillersteering from aft deck

Autopilots Controls
By Furuno: 2 x 711 (main), 1 x 711 (second pilot) (new 2013)
Autopilots computers
By Furuno: 2 x FAP-7002 Processor Units (new 2013)
Autopilots drive units
By Raymarine: 2 x Type II linear drives (new 2013)
Bow Thruster
By Sleipner: 10 hp

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Navigation System
by Furuno: Navnet TZtouch (new 2013)
Satellite Compass by Furuno: SC-30 (new 2013)
Fluxgate Compass
by Furuno: PG-700 (new 2013)
Plotter by Furuno: Navnet TZtouch TZT14 at outer chart table (new 2013)
by Furuno: DRS4D, 4kW radome, (new 2013)
Radar mount
by Hallberg-Rassy, (new 2013)
by Furuno: MU-150HD 15" screen at navstation, (new 2013), Manual
Remote Displays
by Furuno: 2 x RD-33 in aft cabin and at navstation, (new 2013)

by Apple: iPads and iPhones via WiFi cloning the plotter display

Nav PC
by Apple: Mac mini with Parallels running Windows 7 and MacOS simultaneously, (new 2013)
Nav Software
by MaxSea: MaxSea Explorer incl routing module, (new 2013)
Basic instruments
by Furuno FI50: FI-501 Wind, FI 502 CH Wind, 2x FI-504 Multi, (new 2013)
by Furuno: BBDS1 Bottom Discrimination Sounder, (new 2013)
Radar Reflector

by Furuno: SC-30 (premier), GP-33 (second), FA-50 (third), (new 2013)
by Furuno: FA-50 class B transponder, (new 2013)
by Steiner: 7x50AC Commander III w/compass
by Celestair: Astra III B Delux with WH Mirror
Vion Marine A4000
by Pangolin: TideCom 2000 for Tital Calculations

by Pangolin: Nautical Almanac

by Pangolin: Astro Calculator for Celectical Navigation
by MaxSea/Mapmedia:
MWVJENM019Map2.1 (North and Baltic Seas)  (new 2013)
MWVJEWM009Map2.1 (Atlantic European Coasts) (new 2013)


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Main VHF by Furuno: FM-4721 with second handset HS-4721 in cockpit (new 2013)Manual
Second VHF
Working handheld by Jotron: TRON TR20+, splashproof
Third VHF
Emergency handheld by Jotron: TRON VHF GMDSS, waterproof, floating
SSB by Thrane&Thrane: System 4000, 150W, with DSC, GMDSS for Area A2, (from Regina, i.e. 2003) Techn. Manual, Operation Manual
By Thrane&Thrane: System 4000, Manual
Inmarsat C
by Thrane&Thrane: TT 3026L/M, Inmarsat Mini-C, (from Regina, i.e. 2003)
Ground plane
by KISS-SSB, (new 2013)
by Furuno: FAX-30, Manual, (new 2013)
By Furuno: FA-50, (new 2013)
Sound Signal
by Marco: EMH Whistle with horn, fog signal, aux in (also to be connected to the VHF), (new 2013)
GPS antennas
By Furuno: 2 x GPA-017S (for AIS and GP-33 GPS), (new 2013)
VHF antennas
By AC Marine:  CX4, one in mast top, (new 2013)

By AC Marine: CELmar0-1 as spare, (new 2013)
AIS antenna
By AC Marine: CELmar0-1AIS on top spreader, (new 2013)
FM antenna
By AC Marine: FAME1 on top spreader, (new 2013)
WiFi antenna
By AC Marine: CEL24 on aft pole, (new 2013)
WiFi amplifieier
By UBNT: Bullet. Manual (new 2013)
WxFax/Navtex antenna
By Furuno: Fax5 on aft pole, (new 2013)
by Pangolin: HF Propagation predictor for SSB

by Xaxero: WindPlot GRIB-file Viewer

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Safety & Security

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Life raft (new 2013)
Fire Safety and Extinguishers
1x3kg CO2, 3x2L Foam, 1x6kg Powder, 1x2kg Powder 1x10kg CO2 (for engine room), (new 2013)
Fire Alarm
4 x optical, 1 x thermal (105 degC in engine room), (new 2013)
Fire water pump
by Hosecoil Washdown: Fire nozzle on Jabsco PAR7 deckwash pump, (new 2013)
Gas Alarm/Solenoid
(new 2013)
Fire blanket
1.8m x 1.5m

Manual bilge pump
Jabsco Amazon Warrior, 135 L/min

Electric Bilge Pump 1
Whale Gusher, 24V, (new 2013)
Electric Bilge Pump 2
Rule 4000 in bilge, 12V (communcations-battery), 256 L/min, (new 2013)
Leakage fighting
by Rochmarine: Stay Afloat
by Jotron: TRON40GPS, 400MHz, GMDSS, with Hammar H20 hydrostatic release. See installation.

by Jotron: TRON45S, 400 MHz in grab-bag

by SeaMarshall: 4 personal mini-EPIRBs, see installation

by SeaMarshall: homing device for personal EPIRBs
by Jotron: Search And Rescue Transponder SART
by Katadyn: Survivor 06 Manual See User Guide
Life Buoys
Swebuoy: man-over-bord life sling/buoy

by Hansa: "Hansa-Linan Bt" throwing line
Dan Buoy
by Ocean Safety: Jonbuoy Danbuoy
Emergency Ladder
by Plastimo: Safety ladder with 5 steps for bow or midship
Strobe Lights
by Jotron: Life buoy strobe light TRON5F

by Jotron: one AQ4 strobe light

by Jotron: four AQ5 strobe lights
Flash Lights
by Maglite: one at each accommodation door
Search Light
one search light, 55W halogen for on board 12V system
Life Wests
by Kadematic: 15ALR-DW incl spraycap, light, harness (2)

by Kadematic: 15 Bebe AL incl light, harness (2)

by Spinlock: Deckvest 5D with HR-logo. Inflation explained. Service centres
Jack Stays
by Wichard: Ref 7053 Lyf'Safe, Manual, (New 2013)

Lightning Protection
Connecting Mast with keel bolt via an ignition gap, (New 2013)

Cable Cutter
Felco C16 for emergency demasting
Hatch-Lock by HL-Båtar
by Hathaway: Galerider Storm, 36"
Grab Bag
by Pelican: 1520 (watertight). Picture and Content

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Anchor and Mooring

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Main Anchor By Rocna: 33 kg, (new 213)
Anchor Chain
By Kettenwälder: 80m, 10mm stainless steel chain, Part No 105 810 GB Duplex 1.4462, Certificate, (new 213)
Second Anchor
Delta, 25 kg
Second Cable
50m rope plus 15m chain

Third Anchor
Bruce, 15 kg

Third Cable

by Lofrans Project 1500, (new 2013), Manual, Template
Chain hook and separate line
3 x 50 m (150' "Panama-chanel size")

2 x 30 m

numerous x 10 m for mooring
by Aronowitsch&Lyth AB: Mooring Comensator "Bungy"
Opening Gates in life line

Bow Ladder
hydraulic (not installed)

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Galley, Head, Water and Comfort

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Stove by ENO: Gascogne, drawing, (new 2013)
Gas Bottles

Solenoid for Gas

Gas Adapter
by Fogas: Part No 12-6022 to fill up Gas in other countries
ECHOTec 950-PRO-2, 230V, 145 L/h, Manual 1,  Manual 2, (new 2013)
Water Filter
active coal filter in central water system
Hot Water Boiler
by Quick: 40 l, heated by engine and/or 230V power
by Webasto: Two Air Top 3500, 3.5 kW. Installation, Spareparts, Repair Manual
Shower Drain Pumps

Domestic Water Pump

Deck Wash pump
By Jabsco: 52700-0094, Par-Max 7, Also used as Fire Pump, (new 2013)
by Frigoboat with Danfoss compressor, SP-system, water cooled
by Frigoboat with Danfoss compressor and double thermostat (thus also usable as fridge)
By Jabsco: 2 Quiet Flash electric, freshwater, (New 2013)

by HR: 2 x 57L stainless steel (new 2013)
By Lewmar: one hatch in each accommodation, Medium Profile, (new 2013)

6 Dorado vents, extra large model, (new 2013)

2 AirOnly Low Profile vents (new 2013)

12 opening ports (new glass 2013)

6 Hella Turbo Fans, (new 2013)
by Pettersson: Spring mattress in aft cabin, Tathra63 upholstery, (all new 2013)
Lee berths
by Rössy: 2 mid cabin, 2 saloon, 2 aft cabin, (New 2013)
by Rössy, (new 2013)
Hardtop extension
by Rössy, (new 2013)
Water Treatment
By DTI, Sweden: XINIX FreeBact-20, purchased through A-Filter, also available through HR Parts
Bilge Treatment
By Universal Remediation inc: Bio Sok, purchased through A-Filter, also available through HR Parts
Stereo System
By Marantz: MCR 503. Manual , (new 2013)
Saloon Speakers
by ELAC: 310 IB. Technical, (new 2013)
Cockpit Speakers
by Bose:  151. Manual, (new 2013)

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Dinghy (to be replaced by RIB) by Achilles: LSR96 supplied by HR-Parts
Outboard by Yamaha: 8C 2-stroke, 8 hp, supplied by HR-Parts
by Cooney Marine: Simpson Series 8 Davits

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Medical tools

Medical training

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